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to move through difficult times in life whether it’s about relationships, grief, fear, numbness, or stress.

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Experience and approach

I combine tools from Gestalt therapy, mindfulness, Polyvagal theories, and other approaches. I have more than 20 years of experience helping children, adults, families, and people in relationships. I have trained mainly in London and Madrid.

My interest in psychotherapy started when I was young and a therapist sat with me and accompanied me while I navigated the difficulties brought along by a personal loss. Through this work, I realised too that helping others to feel in peace with themselves and to develop understanding and resilience was something I wanted to do more of. Shortly after finishing my own therapeutic process I started training to become a therapist myself.

One of the grounding principles of my work is an absolute respect for my clients’ history. Another principle is a genuine interest in their needs and what they bring to the process of meeting those needs. How we work through this is actually the focus of the therapy.


My practice is LGBTQIA+ affirmative, anti-racist, gender informed, and trauma informed.

My average fee is £60 per session, which is normally 1 hour. However, I can sometimes consider working with those who need to pay less, so I accept over payments from those who want to fund this.

I am accredited with  the UK Council for Psychotherapy and with the Gestalt Psychotherapy & Training Institute.


If this sounds good to you, please email me with any questions, and we can arrange an initial meeting to check if we can work together.

My email address is

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