Gestalt Therapy

It is a therapeutic approach that emphasizes awareness of the present moment, personal responsibility, and the mind-body connection. It provides a non-judgmental and accepting environment for individuals to explore their experiences and promote personal growth. It offers support to develop one’s unique creativity and ability to navigate life challenges.

Trauma Informed

Recognizes the impact of trauma on mental and physical well-being. For minoritised or discriminated comunities, it acknowledges the additional trauma from discrimination. It empowers individuals by fostering trust, validation, and resilience.

T Informed

Polivagal Theory

It’s one of the theories and practices that offer support after traumatic experiences in life. It explores the connection between our nervous system and social engagement. It explains our body’s responses to different situations, including safety and connection. Understanding this theory can help validate and address the unique experiences of individuals, promoting independence, safety, and connection in therapy and beyond.

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